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Caviar Gloss


caviar Preine
One upscale delicacy does offer unique beautifying properties: Caviar. It turns out the salt-cured fish eggs are, in fact, an indulgence for your hair.
CAVIAR GLOSS is a caviar extract treatment which is a pampering beauty ingredient.This extract has vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids as well as antioxidant properties. Individually, each of these elements have great potential hair beauty benefits.Antioxidants counter the damage done by UV radiation and free radicals,as the hair just like skin can benefit from UV protection.and amino acids, have a very hydrating and conditioning effect, it contains Omega-3 fatty acids that deliver hydration and have anti inflammatory and anti aging properties and effects, it softens and shines the hair.
CAVIAR GLOSS have in its special important components also the quinoa and the Argan oil. Caviar Gloss treats and transforms your hair after just one use specially after a seasonal summer damages
Recommended for all Hair types

Direction of use:
1-Nano (optional)
2-Wash the Hair with the CAVIAR Shampoo Anti-Residuo to clean the hair from all the residues of dandruff,chemical hair coloring,excess of oil,,, for a clean hair ready for treatment.
3-Dry the hair 80%
4-Apply the CAVIAR Gloss with Fair Quantity on hair in small layers
5-leave the CAVIAR Gloss for 10 to 15 min( depends on Hair condition)
6-Dry the Hair 100% with the hair dryer than do Babyliss for each Hair layer 10 times
N.B:Hair Can be washed after 4 hours or 48 hours with its special Home Care Shampoo the CAVIAR POST Shampoo with the CAVIAR POST Mask made to protect the treatment done and to make it last longer and maximize its efficiency and benefits. Results can Last from 4 up to 6 months and the treatment can be repeated every 3 months for best continuous benefits but not before this transitional hair restoration Periode.

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