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Botox Living



Has he same effect as Botox on the face In filling and removing wrinkles.It provides Hair with Elastine,Collagen,freshness and protects hair from the outside environmental bad factors as the Sun exposure,Heat, Humidity and s a chemical treatment that strengthens the hair and dye it.Botoxx Living is rich with Main Nutrients as Amino Acids,Vitamin E and A responsible of hair growth also with Keratin which rebuild the Structure of the Hair.
Botoxx Living is made specially for Weak,Damaged,burned hair due to excess of chemical coloring and Bleeching,it repairs and softens the curly rough unhealthy hair due to its special combination of keratin,Shea Butter and the famous miraculous oil Argan. Thoses components help the Hair Growth as well it s an Anti-Aging for the hair and a Volumiser for a healthy fuller hair look.
Recomended for Fine,Rubber Hair with Weakness and splited Ends.

Direction of use:
1-Nano (optional)
2-Wash the Hair with the Botoxx Anti-Residuo Shampoo to clean the hair from all the residues of dandruff,chemical hair coloring,excess of oil,,, for a clean hair ready for treatment.
3-Dry the hair 80%
4-Apply the Botoxx Living with Fair Quantity on hair in small layers
5-leave the Botoxx Living for 10 to 15 min( depends on Hair situation)
6-Dry the Hair 100% with the hair dryer than do Babyliss for each Hair layer 10 times
N.B:Hair Can be washed after 4 hours or 48 hours with its special Home Care Shampoo the Botoxx POST Shampoo with the Botoxx POST Mask made to protect the treatment done and to make it last longer and increase its efficiency. Results can Last from 4 up to 6 months and the treatment can be repeated within 2 months if the client demands but not before this transitional hair restoration Periode.

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