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Anabolic Force


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ANABOLIZANTE is a very powerful extreme repairing treatment it repairs the very damaged hair and restore the dead broken one. It provides the Fibers to the capillaries that was lost due to chemicals, pollution ,sun exposure, Chlore that exists in the water,humidity etc..It contains 7 active ingredients when combined give the fastest reparing action,so its called the ANABOLIZANTE FORCE(power). The 7 ingredients are:
.Coconut Oil:full of minerals and fibers so it gain the hair its elasticity lost adding Vitamin E & K
.Hydrolized Queratina:it s the Best Brazilian hair ingredient which is the Protein that re enforce the barrier of the hair membrane and it gives a strong resistence to environmental factors with strong elasticity ,hydration and restoration.
.Arginin: Amino Acid effective for the hair growth stimulating micro blood circulation and nutrients for the roots and with no arginine is unable to grow and in high risk of breakage .
.Creatina: anti aging and anti stress element,reduces hair damages caused by excess of coloring.
.Soy Protein:it s an essential nutrient for the hair structure that rebuild a healthy hair specially with constant absorption .
.Weat Protein: smooth the hair facilitating its brushing by reducing its frizz and gain the hair a flexibility by treating the damages caused the queratina.
.Vitamin B Complex:it Prevents Hair loss and oxygenate the hair capillaries helping to produce melanin responsible to preserve the Hair color and the hair condition to keep it healthy.
Direction of use:
1-Nano (optional)
2-Wash the Hair with the ANABOLIC Shampoo to clean the hair and it s a PH regulator with no salt and sulfat free, for a clean hair ready for treatment.
3-Dry the hair 80%
4-Apply the ANABOLIANTE FORCE with Fair Quantity on hair in small layers
5-leave the ANABOLIZANTE FORCE for 10 to 15 min( depends on Hair situation)
6-Dry the Hair 100% with the hair dryer than do Babyliss for each Hair layer 10 times
N.B:Hair Can be washed after 24 hours or 48 hours with its special Home Care Shampoo with the Serum made to protect the treatment done and to make it last longer and increase its efficiency. Results can Last from 4 up to 6 months and the treatment can be repeated within 3 months if the client demands but not before this transitional hair restoration Periode.

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